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The Making of Art Dolls - 2009


Each Doll Maker Starts With A Plain Muslin Doll



Plain Muslin Doll


The Making of a Doll by Mona Matthias

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MAKING THE DOLL by Mary Richardson Trethewey

To make the doll shown to the right, a face, hair and clothes were added to a simple doll's body. A child’s character was chosen as the proportions of the original doll’s body resembled those of a toddler.M R Mary Richardson Trethewey Doll

Before making the clothes, a pattern was generated for the bloomers, dress, and apron, tested for each, and refined and tested until a good fit was achieved. The 1” window pane design of the apron’s fabric simplified cutting a bias tape for finishing.  The booties were made from toddlers’ socks.

Attaching the dog to the doll posed a problem. The original idea was to use magnets, but small magnets were too weak for the job and large ones, too cumbersome. Ultimately, the stuffed dog was attached to the dress by a button on the dog’s bow-like collar with a buttonhole in the dress sleeve’s seam just below the trim. The dog is removable, and the doll can be dressed and undressed.

The doll’s face and hair are embroidered-- the face with Coates cotton embroidery thread and the hair with a lightweight yarn of unknown fibers purchased decades ago. To avoid leaving marks on the doll’s face, outlines of the facial features were basted with white thread. The basting was removed as the embroidery was completed. The hair was also embroidered leaving a long strand of yarn at the needle’s point of entry and exit. The long strands became the ponytail.

Another detail includes a belly button. About 40 years ago, I made long-legged dolls or friends and their children and always sewed on a belly button. It was fun to revisit the practice.

Ordinarily, I paint.

Mary Richardson Trethewey

Lyrix Studios   www.lyrixstudios.com

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