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The 2012 Kiwanis Back To School Event

Monday August 6th at the Grass Valley Kmart

Kiwanis purchased $100 worth of clothing and school items
for 45 Grass Valley Elementary School Children.

Mission Success !  Kiwanis again “Serves the Children”.

At 6:30 AM children from our local elementary schools, along with a parent or guardian met us at the K-Mart parking lot.  One adult, either a Kiwanian or adult volunteer, accompanied the elementary school child into K-Mart. 

There were many happy faces at the Kiwanis Back to School Program.
This year, we again gave 45 children new clothes to wear and a backpack and school supplies allowing these kids to start school on good footing.

Happy faces were not child specific. The adult volunteers taking the children through Kmart and shopping with them found the experience fun and rewarding. We thank all of the volunteers that showed up to help. Many non-Kiwanians came to help and we can't thank them enough. This is one of our main events of the year which is one reason it is important for all of our members to attend and show support. Thanks to all of our Kiwanis members who showed up. Your help and support was what made this event such a great success.

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BTS 2012 at K-Mart
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