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Gold Country Kiwanis Bylaws


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Revised and Adopted by the Board of Directors
December 2006

The following items known as “standing rules” (rules) shall be adopted by the current year Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of the Gold County, Grass Valley to be utilized as policies and procedures for the administration of club affairs. A second adoption shall be held at least one month after the end of the current term of office so that any changes made may be current and updated and be available for adoption, amendment or change by the incoming Board of Directors.  If no changes are suggested, there is no need for a second adoption procedure.

These rules shall be binding upon the governing Board of Directors, but may be amended, suspended, individually or in their entirety, and be declared invalid, so long as such actions are not in conflict with the Bylaws of Kiwanis International, the District Bylaws or the Bylaws of Kiwanis Club of Gold Country, Grass Valley.  Such changes, amendments, omissions or invalidation shall be at the direction of a majority vote of the Board of Directors with a quorum required, subject to the second adoption requirement above.

  1. This organization is known as Kiwanis Club of the Gold Country, Grass Valley.

  2. Regular dues are $110 per year, payable semi-annually in September 1st and March 1st.  Regular members will pay for their own meals on the occasion of regular meetings.  Prospective members may be treated to up to two complimentary meals.  Payment may be in the form of cash or check.  Membership applications are considered for approval at regular Board meetings.  Each application must be accompanied by payment.  This payment includes the initial membership fee ($15 from the Club and $35 from the member) and the provision of a Kiwanis pin and badge.  The regular dues will be pro-rated, as needed, based upon the month of membership.

  3. In order for this club to meet its objectives, all dues and meal charges must be paid promptly when due.  When an account becomes delinquent (45 days maximum), the Treasurer will notify the Secretary, who, in turn, will notify the member regarding the delinquent account.  If the account is not immediately cleared, the following suggested letter will be sent under the signature of the President:

“Dear Member:

Your membership account is in arrears in the amount of $________, and your membership is in jeopardy.  Please call me within ten (10) days of the date of this letter.  We look forward to your active and continued membership in Kiwanis Club of Gold Country, Grass Valley.”

IV.  Regular meetings are held Thursday of each week at a place designated by the President.  All regular meetings shall convene at 12:00 p.m. with adjournment at 1:00 p.m.  Speakers shall be allotted up to 25 minutes for their presentations.  Special meetings may be called by the President upon proper notification to the membership.

The meeting on the first Thursday after the first Monday of each month shall be a business meeting.

The agenda and tenor or all Kiwanis meetings and official activities shall remain strictly nonsectarian and nonpartisan.

V.  In order for this club to meet its objectives, members are requested to attend our regular weekly luncheon meeting and to volunteer in the community.  It is understood that members may occasionally be absent from the area due to work commitments, vacations, etc.  Members who inexplicably miss many meetings or who appear to be absent from numerous volunteering activities will have their names submitted by the administrative chair to the club President, who will send the following suggested letter:“Dear Member:

You have missed many regular meetings and/or we are unsure of your current status as an active Kiwanian volunteer.  Your membership is in jeopardy.  Please respond in writing before the next scheduled Board Meeting on _______________ to let us know your position.

We look forward to your active and continued membership in Kiwanis Club of Gold Country, Grass Valley.”

VI.  The Board of Directors meetings are held monthly at a time and place designated by the President.  Special Board meetings may be held at any place or time designated by the President upon proper notification to the Board members.           

VII.  In accordance with the Bylaws, at the first board meeting in October and in no event later than the 15th day of October, a Budget of Estimated Income and Expense for the year shall be adopted by the Board of Directors.  Said budget shall include convention, district meeting, travel and related expenses for attendees.  A quorum of the Board must approve the annual budget.

Each committee head is responsible for submitting a proposed budget for his/her committee to the Board of Directors before October 1 of each year.  Committee heads are encouraged to attend the Board of Directors’ meeting at which the budget is passed, so that they may speak to the issues regarding requested funds.

VIII.  A written budget for every Kiwanis service or fund-raising project shall be submitted to and approved by the Board of Directors in advance.

IX.  A board fund ($200) shall be set up for emergency use without the necessity of calling a board meeting.

X. A leave of absence may be granted by the board upon written request by a member for no less than one (1) month and no more than six (6) months.  The member is required to bring current all obligations before a leave may be granted.  The member is also required to pay dues while on leave of absence.

XI.  During September, the officers elect shall have joint responsibility with current officers in order to effect a smooth transition.

The Standing Rules shall be reviewed in October by the in-coming board of directors.

XII.  All members are expected to participate in fund-raising and community service activities and recognize that volunteerism is the “heart and soul” of Kiwanis.

XIV.  Each committee shall meet regularly, with meetings coordinated by the committee chair.  The chair must stay in close communication with the board, officers, and the general membership so that all club members have a chance to be informed and participate.

XV.  The board consists of:  President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, Secretary and five (5) at-large members.  They are elected each year by the general membership no later than the June business meeting.  All board members serve one-year terms unless re-elected.  All duties of the officers and other board members are determined by action of the board and as described in the Bylaws of Kiwanis International.

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