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Calendar Of Events

The 2014 - 2015 Administrative Year


Info on how to use and print the Kiwanis Calendar, below the calendar.

Monthly Calendar

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You may use the arrows to the left of the month to move to the next or previous month.

Click on any date box for more information.
Any comments or to add an event to the calendar, send an email; click on Calendar Email.

How to Print / UseThe Kiwanis Calendar

The calendar is shown as a month. You can change it by clicking on Month, Week, Day, Event or Year.

Click on the Month calendar to show 5 or 7 day weeks. Month

Click on the week calendar to show by week. Week


Click on the Day calendar to show by day.Day


Click on the Event calendar to show by event.Event


Click on the Year calendar to show by year. Year



You can also search for something on the Calendar by clicking on Search, the little magnigying glass: Search


Calendar M-W-D-E-Y

The Calendar can be printed by Month or other ways. When clicking on the print button, it will create a PDF that you can print. (PDF - Portable Document Format)

Calendar M-W-D-E-Y

Once the Print Box comes up, you can request different things.

1.  Layout: Month, Week, etc.
2.  Starting date
3.  Print more than one month
4.  Can change the size and / or the type of font
5.  Title and / or Footer name

print box

For those of you who want more information on printing, click on video to print calendar.
Questions or comments, click on Email Print Calendar Comments

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